Friday, November 20, 2009

The Defintion of Nursing Research

Introduction to Nursing Research

What is Research?
·         To Search Again
·         Diligent & Systematic Inquiry
·         Discovery

It implies that the person has to search again, to take another more careful look, to find out more. Why?
·         Information may not be enough
·         Misleading information
·         Totally wrong

The Definition of Research
·         systematic, empirical, controlled & critical investigation of a hypothetical proposition related to natural phenomenon. (Kerlinger)
·         It is an activity which is meant to acquire better knowledge by “relearning what we already know through systematic observation and experimentation.” (Filipino anthropologist F. Landa Jocano)

·         Research is a systematic, objective and comprehensive investigation of certain phenomenon which involves accurate gathering and recording and critical analysis and interpretation of all facts about the phenomenon for theoretical or practical ends. (Best and Kahn, 1989)

The Definition of Nursing Research
·         A scientific process that validates and refines existing knowledge and generates new knowledge that directly and indirectly influences nursing practice.
·         A systematic search for and validation of knowledge about issues of importance to the nursing profession (Polit & Hungler).
·         Systematic, objective process of analyzing phenomena of importance to nursing.

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  1. Hi ! Thanks for the post. I am RN and I was looking all over for a proper definition of nursing research. I would like to ask you may I use this definition in my research report?


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